Why Little Friends

Little Friends Early Learning aims to provide families with a unique learning environment that values children’s ideas, thoughts and opinions. Little Friends Early Learning uses play based learning opportunities to foster children’s development and to encourage them to explore their curiosity of the world around them. Most importantly, Little Friends Early Learning encourages children to play, learn, explore and of course make other ‘Little Friends’.


Children are encouraged to build a sense of belonging from the time they enter the education and care service for their tour, before moving onto completing three, 1 hour orientation visits where they are able to spend time in the environment with their family members while also getting to know their new surroundings and the educator’s who are going to be caring for them while they are in our service. With delicious meals, creative programs, welcoming environments and nurturing educators your child is sure to have a wonderful learning adventure at the service.

Our beliefs and values

Little Friends Early Learning is a service which believes that belonging and building a sense of security which is important to help children build special and long-lasting memories.

The children’s time spent at the service is extremely important to us. We hope that the relationships the children build while at our service last a lifetime.


Our unique value proposition

At Little Friends Early Learning we believe that no two children are the same, so why should their way of learning be the same. At Little Friends Early Learning the children, their beliefs, values, needs and interests are the foundation of our program and learning environments.

At Little Friends Early Learning we use the knowledge and skills of our educators and early childhood theorists such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Steiner and Te Whariki to guide us on providing children with the learning environments needed to foster their love of the world and learning opportunities surrounding them.