Meet the team

Qualified early childhood teachers and educators

At Little Friends Early Learning, we believe in providing the best quality education and care to all families and we believe that this is done by providing them with highly qualified Early Childhood Teachers and Educators. Our educators are specifically chosen to suit the needs of the service and the service-learning environment.

We want to ensure the best for all the children who attend our service, so we ensure that we are providing the children with the best access to quality Early Childhood Teachers and Educators throughout each of our four rooms and carefully place educators in the rooms which allow them to use their strengths to their full potential.

Miss Lauren

Centre Director

I have over a decades experience in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector and am passionate about ensuring every child has access to quality Early Childhood Education and that they are offered the opportunity to learn and discover the world in which they live. I believe in providing an environment where every child feels safe, secure and free to discover at their own pace as well as in their own unique and creative way. I love celebrating that no two children are the same and that each child should be respected and celebrated for the unique individual that they are. I have spent many of my years while working in the industry in all age groups within a service as well as building connecting and securing relationships with the families and the local community surrounding the service and it’s needs. I look forward to getting to know each family and their children attending the service, to be able to build positive relationships and ensure that your child has a successful and most importantly enjoyable time while in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector.

Miss Rana

Educational Leader/ ECT

I am passionate about working with children and watching them grow, learn and nourish. I believe each child is a capable and unique individual and recognise the importance of positive interaction with children and their families in a constructive manner. I believe in providing children with opportunities to experiment, explore, solve problems and discover themselves and the world around them through a play-based environment. I emphasise the importance of family and culture in children’s lives and try to incorporate them into their learning. I pay my respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and value their rich ancient culture.

Miss Clancee

Inventors Room Leader/ ECT (3+ Years)

I believe that children are capable and social beings, with the ability to actively construct their own identities, learning and decisions. I strongly believe that learning is most effective when children take responsibility for it themselves. I believe that the key to helping children to reach their full potential is to build strong relationships with their educators. I work collaboratively with children and their families and I strive to encourage children to pursue their own interests and ideas. This creates a learning environment where children are respected and viewed as individuals and where learning is meaningful, based off the children’s interests, ideas and enquiry questions. This ensures that learning is interesting, fun and fosters curiosity and a love for learning in the children.

Miss Ashlee

Explorers Room Leader/ Diploma (2-3 Years)

Early Education to me is about working alongside children to capture the wow moments, those moments of magic that we can only see through the eyes of the child. My most passion is working with the outdoor environment where the children play and learn in a more, motivated and purposeful setting which allows them to develop a more positive attitude. I believe in mindfulness and the children’s emotional health which will allow for relaxation and calmness to assist in their emotions and therefore building better relationships with children and their educators. As an educator I strongly believe in building relationships with families , being able to connect awareness of how their beliefs and values impact on children’s learning.

Miss Shanna

Discoverers Room Leader/ ECT (0-2 Years)

I love caring for children and creating a loving, nurturing environment, is something I am very passionate about. It is my aim that each child feels safe, secure and has a sense of belonging in my care. I have been working as a childcare educator for many years and feel that building strong relationships with the children and families is very important to me. I understand that each child is unique with their own personality, and I value the diverse cultures that make up this centre. I feel privileged to be a part of each child’s journey, helping them grow and learn through their experiences here.

Miss Jaya

Diploma Educator

I believe that each child is unique and capable individual. As an educator, I support and value each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend their learning. I keen to provide play based learning environment for children to allow them discover, explore, create and imagine.

Miss Hailey

Cert 3 Educator

I believe that children are inherent learners, determined to develop their understandings of their world through play. Learning about early childhood education and development continues to mould my own understandings of how I can create a space which encourages and supports learning, exploration, creativity and inquiry.

Miss Joslin

Diploma Educator

I believe that every child should be treated with dignity and respect during every stage of their life as it plays a very important role in laying a good foundation for their future. My belief is that a loving, caring and compassionate environment is essential when caring for children to make them feel emotionally safe and secure.

Miss Jordan


As an Early Childhood Educator, I believe that it is important to celebrate the little things and all milestones. All children learn in different ways, environments and through different teaching strategies which is what I love most about my chosen career, the challenge.

Miss Sanaa

Inclusion Support

I believe that children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment. Children learn and develop through play based learning environment that offers them the opportunities to explore, nourish and grow for their full potential.

Miss Sarina


I have over a decades worth of experience and knowledge in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector, with many of which I have worked in a Nursery Room. I am calm, hands on and love watching and guiding children as they begin their journey in life.