Our Philosophy

At Little Friends Early Learning, we believe that children deserve the best start in life and that they deserve to be provided with opportunities that foster their wonder to discover, explore and invent. We believe that no two children are the same so why should they not have the opportunity to explore, discover and invent from their own ideas and interpretations.

We recognise the value of providing children with learning environments based around the practices and principles of the early years learning framework and the children learning through play. Our play spaces are designed to encourage children to explore freely and engage based around their interests and their natural wonder for the world.

We believe that no milestone is too small and that children should be celebrated for the unique individuals that they are.

We aim to provide the children with a home like environment that supports and encourages children to share and investigate their home cultures as well as the cultures of their local community.

Our Philosophy First Pic

We provide our children with the materials and the knowledge needed to ensure that they are able to regulate their own emotions and use tools such as mindfulness to ground themselves and centre their energy. Only once children feel safe, secure and supported within the learning environment will they begin to foster a love for learning and wonder of the world. 

We aim to work in partnership with our families and strive to be a positive influence on not only their child’s life but also the life of the family. We believe in a collaborative approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for all of our Little Friends.