Explorers (2-3 years)

Our explorer’s room is run by a highly qualified and knowledgeable educator with over 7 years experience in the field of Early Childhood Education and care and a passion for this age group.

We believe that having the most amount of fun possible is the best way to learn and develop. The educators in the explorers room engage the children in a range of experiences that encourage them to explore and develop children’s curiosity within the world and its functions. In the explorer room, our educators believe in allowing the children to have time and space to explore at their own pace.

In our explorer room, our educator’s assist our families with encouraging children to build independence in regards to toilet training, serving their own meals during meal times as well as building their confidence to communicate with their educator’s and peer’s in regards to their wants, needs and desires.

Explorers Room
Explorers Room (4)

Through our explorer program, children:

  • Build confidence and become more independent
  • Refine their concentration skills through group times, discussions and engaging learning experiences.
  • Are provided with a tailored learning space that reflects their interests, learning, understanding and knowledge
  • Develop emergent literacy and numeracy skills through story time, storytelling, songs, learning experiences relating to basic measurement such as mixing and pouring.
  • Increase their social skills through small and large group experiences that encourage sharing, empathy mindfulness and kindness
  • Develop a stronger sense of self through exploring emotions, forming friendships and participating in mindfulness activities such as ‘candle time’ and using glitter jars.
  • Can express themselves and develop their creative skills through art and craft experiences such as dancing, drawing, painting, singing and playdough.
  • Develop their physical skills through using fine motor resources such as playdough, clay, resources with moveable parts.
  • Develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the world in which they live, through our exploration of cultural calendar events.
  • Develop love, care and respect for the environment by engaging in garden maintenance, growing plants, using recycled materials and exposure to an indoor learning space that is decorated with real plants and flowers.

Explorer Flexible Routine

7:00 am – Little Friends Early Learning opens

Upon arrival, children join us for family grouping and breakfast in the explorer room. Between 7:00 and 8:30, the children are free to explore the room and the resources it has to offer for some free play, as they settle in for the morning and get ready to start their day.

8:30 – Pack away time

Just before 8:30, the children are all encouraged to pack away the explorer room so that their room is ready for the day. This assists the children in developing independence and a respect for their learning environment. We then make our way to the Preschool Room to commence our morning activities.

8:35 – Outdoor play

The outdoor environment is designed to invite engagement and curiosity in nature. Resources and equipment are set up, based on the children’s interest and developmental needs. Outdoor play is a time for the Pre-schooler’s to socialise and explore, while building their capacity for exercise and developing their gross motor skills.

9:30 – Transition to indoors/Group time

The educators engage the children in group time where they explore songs, rhythm and music, dance or stories.

9:45 – Intentional learning experiences

The educators in the explorer room, provide learning experiences for the children that have been pre-planned and aim to assist the children in the development of their individual skills and developmental needs. These activities are play based, open ended and are catered to individual and small groups of children. They are in depth learning experiences and have an educator engaged to lead discussions, participate in the children’s play and scaffold their learning.

11:30 – Group time

The children join their educators for a calming group time as they prepare to transition to lunch and rest time. During this time they are engaged in mindfulness activities and Yoga.

11:40 – Lunch time

The children are assisted in washing their hands, following the correct procedure, locating their drink bottle and finding a seat at the lunch table. The children are provided with a healthy, cooked lunch daily which caters to their dietary needs. We offer a rotating menu where the children have the opportunity to try foods from a range of different cultures. Lunch is a social time for the children and the educators often lead discussions with the children about their food and encouraging them to try new foods.

12:00 – Rest time

Routine is very important for babies and the educators and teachers work around the children’s home routines the home routine for rest time. Some of the older children in the nursery have their routine rest time after lunch.

The children who have already had a sleep, engage in learning experiences and quiet free play with their educators.

2:00 – Rest time ends

The children in the nursery room have unique needs and their sleep routines vary. Many of the children wake on their own by 2:00pm. As they wake up, they join their peers and educators in play.

3:00 – Afternoon tea

Once more, the children join their peers and educators for afternoon tea.

3:30 – Indoor/Outdoor play

The children engage in indoor or outdoor play with their educators for further opportunities for exploration and engagement with the environment.

5:00 – Late snack and family grouping

All of the children join us in the explorer room for family grouping where educators engage them in small group activities with their educators such as songs, counting and group games.

6:00 – Little Friend Early Learning closes

See you again tomorrow!