Our Curriculum

At Little Friends Early Learning we form the basis of our curriculum around the practices and principles of the Early Years Learning Framework. We believe that providing children with a home based learning environment that they will begin to discover, explore and invent from materials in the world around them.

Our curriculum is composed of nine key learning elements: 

  • Creativity
  • Music and movement
  • Health and wellness
  • Safe and secure environments
  • Fitness and building upon fundamental movement skills
  • Language and communication
  • Community engagement
  • School readiness
  • Sustainable environments

As we begin to explore these nine key elements, our Little Friends get the opportunity to connect to the world in many unique ways.


Creativity is an important part of development within the early years as it provides children an outlet to express their emotions. It provides children with a outlet to express and create problem solving abilities. At Little Friends Early Learning, we believe creativity is the key to unlocking a world of wonder and curiosity.

Music and movement

Music and movement is a great expression tool for within the early years. Music provides opportunities for children to express as well as build connections to cultures from around the world. Music also provides children with opportunities to explore rhythm, sound and language. At Little Friends Early Learning, we explore music and movement as a tool to express, connect and build a sense of belonging to the world around them.

Health and wellness

Exploring health and wellness within our environments provides children with the essential knowledge of their general and holistic health. Children are taught how to care for their body, mind and spirit as a tool for looking after their bodies. At Little Friends Early Learning, we use experiences such as yoga, candle time and mindfulness as everyday practices to assist children in regulating their emotional wellbeing.

Safe and secure environments

Providing safe and secure environments for the children in our care at Little Friends Early Learning is one of our highest priorities. Providing children with these safe and secure environments allows the children to build that sense of belonging and comfort. We also find it to be an extremely important for children to understand what safe and secure environments look like and what they can do to ensure that they are feeling safe at all times.

Fitness and building upon fundamental movement skills

Fitness and building fundamental skills is done as a part of our everyday curriculum. During these times, children are provided with materials and the skills needed to build upon their fundamental movement skills as well as being given the opportunity to learn something new and exciting. At Little Friends Early Learning, we provide the children with these skills and materials through our beautiful outdoor learning environments as well as having members of the community come in and join us to teach us new and exciting skills based around our favourite sports.

Language and communication

Language and communication are provided in many forms throughout our service environments. We believe in encouraging the children to explore language from around the world and communicate freely to share their ideas, thoughts and expressions. We can see through providing the children with culturally diverse learning environments, providing them with opportunities to engage in programs such as the ELLA Language Program as well as encouraging our educators, families and children to communicate and share in their home languages. We also believe in exploring storytime where we can use dramatic language to share and communicate with children.

Community engagement

Community engagement is a big part of who we are at Little Friends Early Learning. We stand by our open door policy where we welcome the community to join us as one. In our environments, we encourage families to come and spend time with their children and engage in our programs such as storytime, grandparents day and all community events.

School readiness

School Readiness at Little Friends Early Learning is not just about writing, we believe that it is important for children to be able to understand the fundamentals of being able to share how they are feeling, complete tasks independently, communicate their wants, needs and ideas as well as being able to self-regulate their behaviour.

Sustainable environments

Encouraging the children to engage in sustainable practices is important to us here at Little Friends Early Learning to ensure that children are aware of how they are able to care for our natural environments. We encourage the children to be active members of our sustainability program such as engaging with our worm farm, exploring the idea of compost and how it can be used as well as growing our own herbs, fruits and vegetables to share with our families and local community.

By having all of these fundamental key elements, the children at Little Friends Early Learning are able to be active world discoverers, explores and inventors through their own ideas and opinions.